AWS Summit, New York - Aug 11, 2016. AWESOME!


AWS Tips and Discussion 

Want to have at least two ultimate tech geeks ears / thoughts a few hours, for free? There's still spots available for the AWS Summit in NY - Let's go! Join us on Amtrak (Business Quiet Car) DC to New York Penn Station, or back to Washington DC Union Station, or even both ways! When its time to hop off, you'll wish we had more time.  Maybe someone you meet will be available to continue the discussion, like speed dating! cool! The discussion is FREE and as long as you want. NOTE: No relation to Amazon or any partner, just some geeks hanging out.  FREE? Just hop on the train!
Train 170  Depart DC Union Station to NYC Penn Station 4:48 AM
Train 177 Depart NYC Penn Station To Washington DC Union Station 10:05pm.
Geeks On a Train! Geeks Have Fun! AWSummit